Press Release


1 February 2017

Liverpool Waters has hosted a collaborative workshop for businesses located within the city’s Ten Streets zone.

The workshop, which was held at No.12 Princes Dock, was formed to encourage greater partnerships between organisations that are situated within the many warehouses and buildings along the city’s northern dockland area. 

The group of business leaders, which included Creamfield’s Scott Barton and Dave Pichilingi of Sound City, met to discuss how they can work together to create new partnerships and opportunities between their organisations.

Creamfield’s Steel Yard event attracted more than 10,000 people to Liverpool’s Central Docks in November and was headlined by one of the world’s biggest electronic acts Axwell & Ingrosso. During the workshop, the group provided feedback on events and discussed how local businesses could also build off their success.

Scott Barton, managing director of Creamfields, said: “Steel Yard was a great success at Clarence Dock and hopefully we can continue to hold similar events at the site in the future.  There is so much potential within the dock space and Cream has the capability to build structures that can be left in place for a number of weeks and play host to a wide variety of events.”

The Ten Streets scheme is a Liverpool City Council plan to regenerate the 10 key parallel streets in the Northern Liverpool dockland area, some of which are located within Liverpool Waters and which are considered an ideal location to attract artistic, creative and digital businesses.

Dave Pichilingi, director of the annual music festival Sound City, said: “There is a great sense of pride that comes from working in the docks and the area has introduced me to a whole new world. It’s an exciting area for new businesses to be located and it’s all about how we can work together to re-inhabit the space and transform it into an even better place to be.”

Mark Kitts, deputy director of regeneration at Liverpool City Council and Councillor Joe Hanson also joined the workshop to listen to the ideas put forward by the group and also to offer their assistance.

The workshop was also attended by Liam Kelly of Make Liverpool, a creative space located on Regent Street and Rebecca Papaspyridis and Mikel Moffit from Friends of Allonby Canoe Club, which is situated at Collingwood Dock.

Director of Seaweed Alchemy, Jimmy Haughey, whose research is developing the formation of an Aqua Farm on Clarence Dock, also joined the group alongside Ross Baigent of 3TL Warehousing and Transport, which is located at both Trafalgar Dock and Bramley Moore Dock.

The workshop was headed by Ian Pollitt of Liverpool Waters. He said: “The aim of this workshop was to provide an opportunity for businesses within the Ten Streets zone to build relationships and to seek out any potential collaborations between one another.
“Liverpool Waters hopes to act as a catalyst for change in the northern docklands and we would like to offer our full support to local projects and companies with any plans they may have for the area.”